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Item No   24200, 24300
Product Name   Socket Pockets
Size   1/4", 3/8"
Description :
Always have the right socket within reach when you need it.

Socket Pockets sorts sockets by size and secures sockets for easy selection and retrieval in the tool box, on the hood or fender and under the car. The slim profile of this unique patented design provides the greatest grip on the sockets, allowing easy retrieval - even with greasy fingers. The high density neoprene foam has the durability to withstand frequent use and the flexibility to handle the variance of socket dimensions from most manufacturers. A superior product, proced about 30% less than leading competitors.
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24200Socket Pockets.1/4", 10pcs(4-14mm), Length 230mm
24300Socket Pockets.3/8", 8pcs(9-18mm), Length 250mm